PCSX2 Emulator Guide

You should be connected via ethernet for the best connection quality

Install XLink Kai before setting up the Emulator

Follow the installation instructions

Download PCSX2

Download a USA BIOS 2.0+

Move the BIOS files into your PCSX2 'bios' folder

Download a DEV9 Adapter

Move the DEV9 file into your PCSX2 'Plugins' folder

Go to Config - Plugins/BIOS Selector in PCSX2

Navigate to BIOS and select your USA BIOS

Navigate to Plugins and select the Dev9 adapter

You will need one of these games with a Network Utility to setup your PS2 net config

You can download Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and your Network Setup game from one of the sites below
This guide uses Gran Turismo 4 for its Network Setup
  • https://coolrom.com.au/roms/ps2/41808/Gran_Turismo_4.php
  • https://www.emuparadise.me/Sony_Playstation_2_ISOs/Tom_Clancy's_Splinter_Cell_-_Chaos_Theory_(USA)_(En,Fr,Es)/150881
  • https://vimm.net/vault/9584

  • Plug your controller into your computer

    Download SCPToolkit (or another tool for usb controllers)

    Follow the installation

    Select the 'Core Features' and Install

    Finish the install and open the 'Driver Installer'

    Select your drivers and controller then install

    Exit and open the 'Settings Manager'

    Disable sound notifications then Exit

    Select Config - Controllers - Plugin Settings

    Bind your controller
    Select and move each corresponding button

    ***Quit PCSX2 and Re-Open a new emulator session!***

    Ensure there is no iso loaded

    Boot the emulator

    Press TRIANGLE at the main menu to view your MAC Address

    Enter the LAST FOUR characters/numbers of your MAC address below:

    Close the console window

    Select the ISO game with the Network Utility

    This guide uses Gran Turismo 4

    Boot the game

    Navigate to your game's Network Utility

    Select the network utility

    Create or edit your network file

    Continue and change settings manually

    Name your file and input your details
    IP Address: [[ip]]
    Default Router:

    Save and exit the game

    Go into the Dev9 Plugin Settings

    Select 'Options'

    Select the 'Switched' WinPcap adapter
    Enable 'Intercept DHCP' and input your details
    IP Address: [[ip]]
    Default Router:

    Apply your settings

    Open Config - Video - Plugin Settings

    Adjust your video settings to fit your computer hardware
    If the emulator is running poorly, adjust these settings

    Congratulations! You have successfully configured PCSX2
    Now continue setting up XLink Kai and play online!

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